The Fellowship for Metlar House is a not-for-profit foundation. Meetings are held at the museum on the third Thursday of each month unlesss otherwise notified. The annual Board of Trustees meeting is on the third Thursday in September. Committees meet on demand. 

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The Metlar-Bodine House Museum
2017 Membership Appeal
Since 1728, The Metlar-Bodine House Museum has stood atop a hill overlooking two ancient Native American transportation routes - part of the Minisink Trail at its base and the Raritan River.  Eventually the Minisink transitioned into a busy transportation route, the D&R canal built along the river, and trains, trolleys and automobiles crisscrossed Piscataway, one of the 50 oldest towns in the nation. How these diverse modes of transportation impacted the social and economic growth of the area shapes an exceptional story revealed through the Museum’s theme, From Indian Trail to Interstate.    This National and State Historic Site is the oldest surviving structure from Raritan Landing, a vital 17th and 18th century port, and since 1979, has proudly served as Piscataway Township’s official historical museum, showcasing a fascinating collection of Central New Jersey artifacts. 
Thanks to the generous support of members, in the past year the Museum has re-opened on a regular basis offering guided tours and educational programs, and has implemented a 21st century amenity not usually available in a local history museum – an “app” that can be downloaded to tour certain exhibits, which eventually will be expanded to all exhibits.  In addition, just last month the Museum acquired a late 18th century linen press (used to store clothes/linens), designed by renowned New Brunswick cabinet-maker Matthew Egerton, Jr.
The true jewel in the crown of the Museum’s collection is the Ross Hall Wall.  This American treasure was salvaged from Gen. George Washington’s Piscataway headquarters, where he wrote the military order for the Continental Army to celebrate the first organized expression of Independence Day along the Raritan River on July 4, 1778.  Until the Wall can be restored and exhibited, a 3-D model is on display, allowing visitors to examine it in detail.
As you consider your membership options – renewing or joining for the first time – please know how important Museum members are to our on-going objectives.  It is YOUR investment of commitment and loyalty that makes the difference not only in attaining significant goals, but also addressing immediate needs, such as the design and construction of new indoor & outdoor exhibits, exterior lighting, landscaping, and continued collection conservation (for example, of a mid-19th century American Flag).  Most importantly, it is your support that will continue to have a visible affect.
 Any amount you wish to give is appreciated, but an increased amount, if you are renewing, or an additional gift would make a world of difference.  Please also consider giving a gift membership to a friend or family member.  Your membership may be paid by sending a check payable to The Fellowship for Metlar House to the address above or conveniently joining today via the website link provided.  Help ensure that this gem of local history will be enjoyed for generations to come….we can’t do it without you!
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The Fellowship for Metlar House is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt foundation Federal EIN # 52-187-4971