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The National Park Service Proclaims Piscataway’s
Ross Hall Wall an “American Treasure”

Today the pandemic has made fundraising extremely difficult so winning this prestigious award and this significant recognition of the Wall’s intrinsic value as an American Treasure certainly should encourage your financial support for all of the museum’s upcoming projects and activities including installing the Wall in the soon to be constructed
​Forever the 4th gallery!

FORCED…to close to the public, cancel its major fundraising event and all educational programs, and cut expenses ruthlessly, we need your financial support NOW! 


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Plans for the new addition

The museum’s capital campaign to raise $2,000,000 began in 2017. These funds will help to create new exhibits, establish an endowment, and build an addition to house the Ross Hall Wall, a unique artifact of priceless historical worth. To discover the Wall's remarkable past watch the Campaign Video by clicking on the link above and to contribute go to     

The Metlar/Bodine House Museum
1281 River Road
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854
Phone: 732-463-8363

The Fire

On Thursday Night, July 17th 2003, the Metlar-Bodine House Museum suffered a serious fire that destroyed a great deal of its collection and one-third of the building. Watch this video to see some of the damage.  The remainder of the building and the collection were seriously damaged by smoke and water. 11 years later the historic site is completely restored and a new accessible entrance with ADA compliant restrooms is being constructed. This addition will allow the building to obtain permanent occupancy and by late spring 2014 the museum will once again be open to the public.