The Metlar-Bodine House is a state and national registered historic site that serves as a historical and cultural museum for the Township of Piscataway. The house has played a significant role in the community. It represents and marks the town’s 350 year history through its location along the Raritan River, its superb NJ vernacular design, the unique story of its owners and occupants, and the important collection of local memorabilia housed within its walls.

Piscataway is distinct in that it is one of the 50 oldest towns in America and the fifth oldest community in New Jersey. The town was founded in 1666. The original land grant was more than 300 square miles and included areas from the eastern edge of the Sourland Mountains, most of Somerset County, and now the towns of: Bound Brook, Middlesex, Dunellen, South Plainfield, Edison, Metuchen, Highland Park, New Brunswick, North and South Brunswick to the Princeton border.

The museum was established in 1979 by the Fellowship for Metlar House and the Township of Piscataway as a collecting institution. The historic site, its original section built in 1728 with 19th century additions, is treated as the largest artifact in the collection. The collection includes over 1000 artifacts with Central New Jersey provenance, attributed to towns once part of the original land grant.