The Fellowship for Metlar House is a not-for-profit foundation. Meetings are held at the museum on the third Thursday of each month unlesss otherwise notified. The annual Board of Trustees meeting is on the third Thursday in September. Committees meet on demand. 

Anyone can join the Fellowship for Metlar House  

Join The Fellowship for Metlar House and support THE METLAR-BODINE HOUSE MUSEUM
Saved through united public support, the Metlar-Bodine House is unique. It’s Piscataway Township’s Historical and Cultural Museum supported by the Fellowship for Metlar House Foundation. The Foundation cares for the collection, raises operating funds and provides a wide range of exhibits and educational programs linked to the area’s historic setting in one of the nation’s busiest transportation corridors in America.
When you join you will help to preserve and promote this elegant almost three centuries old house on the hill and an amazing collection of Raritan River Valley artifacts, each with a wonderful story to tell.
Come visit the museum and walk

If you choose to join, these are the 2 categories - 
CATEGORY 1 includes:$15 Student/Senior (with ID); $30 Individual;$50 Family;
$75 Supporting; $125 Sponsor; $250 Patron; $750 Benefactor 
CATEGORY 2 includes: $100 Organization/non-profit; $2500 Corporate.

Basic Membership Benefits for CATEGORY 1: 
Membership card(s); Membership appreciation event; 5% discount in Dutch Door Gift Shop; Discounted fee to one select program;
Email, Facebook and Website news and updates

Individual, Supporting, Sponsor, Student/Senior: All Basic Membership Benefits
Family: All Basic Membership Benefits for household (2 membership cards) and Museum collection magnet
For Patrons, Benefactors: All Basic Membership Benefits; Discounted fee to an additional select program; and, Museum collection post-it and magnet 
Membership Benefits for CATEGORY 2:
Corporations, Businesses and/or Organizations: 5% shop discount; Acknowledgement on select printed and electronic communications; and, Intimate and unique small meeting venue at member rates and schedule availability

Thank you!
As a museum member you have the opportunity to help plan, promote and assist with events and programs;
and, support visitor services such as tour guides and gift shop help. Leadership roles are encouraged.


The Fellowship for Metlar House is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt foundation Federal EIN # 52-187-4971