Revolutionary Campaign

In July 1778, General George Washington’s headquarters was at Ross Hall on River Road in Piscataway, New Jersey. 
The main army of the United States, 11,000 patriots, was camped on the banks of the Raritan River.
Fresh from the success at the Battle of Monmouth, it was here that George Washington ordered 
the first national expression of July 4th as Independence Day.

Ross Hall was destroyed in the 1960s but a unique artifact of priceless historical worth, the Ross Hall Wall still exists. 
Thank you for contributing to this endeavor to save the Ross Hall Wall, build a permanent and reverent site for its display,
and at last tell this remarkable story, held secret for far too long.
It was at this place and time in Piscataway, that our nation’s “Independence Day” tradition began.

This campaign will also expand our endowment and create new exhibits

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